Certified Ozone Technician

Remediation TrainingThe Certified Ozone Technician was developed by the National Ozone Association.  Our goal is to develop a national network of professional remediation services that are well-trained and business savvy.  Our goal is to identify professional remediation services in each part of the country that we can refer to customers.

All professionals are invited to step up to our professional certification at www.NOAI.org  As a national office, we need quality companies that we can refer or allow customers to contact directly.  The business is out there and there are some amateurs that hurt the integrity of our services.

Everyone taking the Certified Ozone, Mold Training or IAQ Specialist get a free listing.  Each year thereafter is just $50 and there is no charge for any customer leads we pass to your service.  In fact, many leads link directly to your website and call you directly.

This course is 100% online takes about 20 hours, requires an online test, and issues a certificate from the National Ozone Association (NOAI).  Course fee: $149

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