About Ozone Training Center

Ozone AssociationOUR MISSION: To build a professional network of remediation services offering chemical-light treatments.  Many common remediation products are caustic, corrosive, toxic, and dangerous with routine exposure over time.  This affects workers and harms the overall Indoor Air Quality.  

OUR INDUSTRY: We believe that our type of remediation service deals with the Indoor Air Quality, Environmental cleanup, Detoxification and Decontamination, Specialty cleaning services, and Health-related issues.  More than treating ambient odors with ozone as our singular tool, we know that the air quality is affected by a variety of issues: particulates, humidity, VOCs, bacteria and viruses, insects and pesticides, and CO2.  Essentially, anyone using ozone will encounter problems that exceed the power of ozone to solve the problems they encounter.

OUR NETWORK:  We expect to build a national network of well-trained and well-equipped professional network of remediation companies offering a variety of remediation services.  To that end, we work as an arm of the National Ozone Association to train, support, and grow the supporting membership of NOAI.  

We Invite You to Join the Team